Videoconverter.media respects and obeys the intellectual property rights of music artists, creators, and others, and also requests you to follow the same. Videoconverter.media never allows any type of activities that are subject to copyright infringement, and instantly blocks any copyright-protected content (served through an openly available URL / web address) from getting downloaded or converted using its platform as soon as proper notification is received about it.

There is also a team of Videoconverter.media that’s trying its best to reduce the possibility of activities that can cause copyright infringement by utilizing its platform. For this, the team actively seeks out and disables the possible conversion of any sort of commercial copyright contents.

If you are the owner / creator of content, an agent or copyright owner thereof and want to prevent the possible utilization of Videoconverter.media’s platform for conversion of your publicly available materials(s), we request you to send us an e-mail along with the information given below so that we could block content(s) in our system. You can also fill the copyright infringement form and include the links of the material that you want us to block.

E-mail: [email protected]

– Please put in the URL(s) of the material(s) that you want us to block.
– A form of physical or electronic evidence that can prove that you own the rights to the content(s).
– Your contact information which is appropriate to make a contact with you, like a telephone number, a valid e-mail address, and address.